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Bismarck Brief sends out a new report every week with analysis of an important institution, industry, or live player, to equip subscribers with navigation-grade information about the state of the world.

Whether examining the Chinese space industry, Europe’s new continental border agency, or the long-term strategy of the Blackstone Group, subscribers can expect to gain new insights into the individuals and organizations that are most responsible for shaping the power and institutional landscape of the world. Rather than novelty or “newsworthiness,” topic selection is informed by the Bismarck team’s collective years of experience in analyzing the fundamentals that drive world affairs.

In 2017, I founded Bismarck Analysis to help companies, governments, philanthropists, and investors better understand the world in which we all live and operate. Understanding the world is a prerequisite for pursuing the right strategy to accomplish your goals. The lens through which I view the world, Great Founder Theory, proposes that the world is a landscape of institutions, both functional and not, robotically pursuing objectives set by their founders. Live players navigate this landscape and may found institutions, or use other methods, to pursue their unique goals, affecting the world around them. To understand these institutions and players is to understand the world as best as we can. Since confidentiality is often key to our work, Bismarck has released only a handpicked selection of our analytical products to the public. With Bismarck Brief, we offer a look into our ongoing exploration of the global power landscape.

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The case study model forms the core of our research method, since every subject of analysis is necessarily far too unique to be explained in purely statistical terms, or only by reference to broader trends. Each Bismarck Brief is thus an in-depth case study examining the origins, ideologies, functions, competitors, future prospects, and more, of the chosen subject, with proposed implications for wider society. Through an analysis of the most important necessary facts, the Bismarck Brief will provides strategically useful conclusions and gives you, the reader, a wider, deeper, and more timely understanding of the global strategic landscape. I invite you to subscribe today and join us on this ongoing exploration.

Samo Burja

Founder and President of Bismarck Analysis

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Intelligence-grade analysis of key industries, organizations, and live players.


Founder and President of Bismarck Analysis.